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The privacy policy of Djibouti Pages is responsible for governing the storage, possession, handling, collection and dealing with all types of personal information including sensitive personal data of all the users who use the website.

All the users of Djibouti Pages are requested to read as well as understand the privacy policy because the purpose of this privacy policy is to protect the identity of and privacy of the users. This privacy policy gives an outline to the users of the different ways in which the identity and information of the users can be protected. In order to proceed with using Djibouti Pages, you need to agree with the privacy policy. Only after the acceptance of this privacy policy, you will be able to proceed to the next steps and use this website. This privacy policy is applicable to all the users who use this website through their laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets or any other device.

Information Collection

Your personal data and information are collected only to offer you better service from our end.

  • When you sign up with us and register your account, we take your user information like your name, mobile number, the name of your company, your postal address and all the other information that is related to your business-like tax registration numbers and much more. While doing so, we might also take note of as well as archive any of your correspondence with our executives. Thisis strictly done for the training and quality control services.
  • When we offer paid services, we collect other personal data that can be more sensitive. This includes bank account details and other finance-related things that are essential for the facilitation of the purchase or sale of the services that are available on our website.
  • Once you register on our website, you will no longer be anonymous to us because we will have all your information given to us stored so that we can offer you the services that you require from us.
  • We also record your online behavior pattern and store the statistics of your usage including your IP address, browsing activities, viewed pages, software used for browsing and much more. This helps in our in-house analysis so that we can offer you an upgraded and improved experience of using our website.
  • We ask the users to register with us and provide us with the required information so that we can help in improving their businesses.
  • We will keep all the information that is given to us by the users for as long as such information is needed to offer you better services. Additionally, all the information that can be lawfully preserved by us under the applicable law or statutory enactment will be retained.

Users can get in touch with Djibouti Pages at any time in case they want to correct, confirm or update any of the information provided by them. The request might take some time to process because every change/update goes through a verification process by our team.

Users also have the choice to delete or deactivate their account on Djibouti Pages permanently. For this, you will have to send us a request,and we will evaluate it based on each case that comes to us in order to take the right action that is in compliance with the law. You must note that in such a scenario, we will still keep your information in our archives. Therefore, it is advised to every user to evaluate their information before giving it to us while registering on our website.

Information Usage & Purpose

The purpose of collecting user information is as follows:

  1. To verify the identity of every user in order to assess their eligibility as well as to provide services that are tailored to their needs.
  2. To facilitate the availability and offered services that are on our website.
  3. To display, market, publish and advertise.
  4. To facilitate communication with the users on the website so as to help them get a wide range of business opportunities.
  5. To help the users generate business leads as well as opportunities to expand their business
  6. To send regular notifications, communications, newsletters and emails that are customized to the needs and requirements of the users.

The users can send us an email and get in touch with us in case they require any clarification on the way we process personal information. If you have any objections regarding the processing of your data, you must note that we might discontinue providing you with any services on Djibouti Pages.

Information Disclosure

It is pertinent to note that all the information we collect from you might be transferred or disclosed by us to all kinds of external service providers who provide us services. We may also share your information with:

  •   Affiliated companies to ensure more relevancy, better efficiency, better-personalized services, and an innovative business matchmaking
  •   Regulatory or government or law enforcement agencies according to the norms under the statutory enactment for detection, the verification of identity and for the prevention, prosecution, the punishment of offenses and for investigations including cyber incidents
  •   Service providers that include but are not limited to customer, payment as well as cloud computing service providers or third parties that are engaged by Djibouti Pages for facilitating the service requirements of all its users.
  •   Business partners so that they can send their myriad business offers to all the users of Djibouti Pages

Please always bear in mind that whenever any user of Djibouti Pages posts business and/or personal information online on our platform, the public can easily access it as well as the other users might also receive emails/messages from the visitors of the site.

Information Protection

We understand that the protection of data is very important and we ensure that no data breach happens on our website. For this purpose, we employ security measures as per the industry standards in order to prevent any kind of unauthorized activities on our website. We take both physical as well as electronic security measures to ensure that your data is absolutely safe with us. However, we want you to note that there is no guarantee of data security when you are using it on the internet. Having said that, we take every step to protect the information of our users although we cannot take 100% safety guarantee of the information that is given by the users to us. From our end, we recommend that you do not disclose your password to anyone. Additionally, you must not save your password on an unknown or public device. Also, you must always sign out of your account after completing your work. This ensures additional security in case you share your computer with another person.


You must note that we, as well as, third parties that are our partners might use cookies, web beacons, pixel tags, flash cookies, mobile device IDs and other types of technologies to store, collect and track your information. We also make use of these cookies to track the software that you use on your device. This is done to provide you with customized suggestions, recommendations, and personalization.

You must also note that the third parties who advertise about their products and services or social media sites who advertise on our website also use cookies and other similar tools to track your personal information. Therefore, you must check the privacy policies of those companies, products or services and see if you adhere to them or not. We do not have any control over their actions and usage of information.

Children Related Data Collection

We firmly believe the importance of preserving and protecting all the data and the privacy of children. In this aspect and in line with this unswerving belief, we make sure that we do not collect and maintain any kind of personally identifiable information of children knowingly or unknowingly on our site. That includes all people of less than 18 years of age. In addition to that, it is also vital to take note of that fact that our website of Djibouti Pages is not directed to any individuals who are minors or less than the stipulated age of 18 years. If you are less than 18 years old, we urge you to please not access or use our services in any manner or at any time. It is equally important to understand that we are ready to take any and all required steps to delete/eliminate any kind of personally identifiable information of all those people who are less than 18 years old that our site of Djibouti Pages has collected without proper and verified parental consent. Once Djibouti Pages learns of the existence of any similar personally identifiable information, we get rid of it from our database with immediate effect. In addition to that, if we learn that any individual under 18 years of age is submitting any kind of personal information on our platform, we will delete/eliminate the account as well as all the information associated with the account as soon as possible without any further delay. If you come across any such account created by a minor, please contact our customer support service team immediately. They will look into the matter and will ensure that the account of the individual below 18 years of age is deleted with immediate effect after verifying the authenticity of the report.


If you have any questions regarding the privacy policies of Djibouti Pages, feel free to get in touch with us on our email. You can also ask for specific clarifications regarding some specific policies that you do not understand or require an elaboration. Our customer support is always happy to help you. We might take some time to get back,but we will definitely get back to you.


We also have a separate grievance officer who is there to listen to your grievances related to the privacy policies. Additionally, if you have any discontent related to a data breach or any misuse of your personal information or data, you must get in touch with the grievance officer at the earliest. The grievance officer will get back to you with an answer at the earliest. Customer satisfaction is very important to us,and therefore we take every step to provide that. Therefore, we ensure that all the grievances are answered immediately with any delay.


You must note that the privacy policy as stated here might change from time to time as per the requirements and changing laws. Therefore, you are requested to keep checking the privacy policy periodically for any changes that might take place. We are regular to update the privacy policy,and we also provide you a notification. But in any case, you must keep checking it in case of any new additions or changes in it.