About Entreprise Dawaleh Construction (EDC)

Entreprise Dawaleh Construction

 Entreprise Dawaleh Construction(EDC) was setup in 1999. The company officiates in the construction ofinfrastructure and basic facilities in both urban and rural areas. It has aprofessional reference and combines both the perfection, quality and professionalismin this field.

EDC has been awarded majorcontracts to build public and private construction following national andinternational tender launched by the main contractors namely: 

- The Djiboutian Government,

- Foreign military forces(FFDJ, US Army, etc.),

- Development partners(USAID, FAO, UNDP, etc.),

- As well as public andprivate operators.


Seeing the tenders presented by theforeign companies in building constructions and ongoing modern infrastructuresand to face the rude competition of international tenders in the country, EDCdecided to enlarge its actions to overpass the middle-range enterprise to acategory 1 enterprise. In this context, the Entreprise Dawaleh Construction hasacquired more major construction equipment and materials.

We are committed to guarantee theperfection in our realization, excellence and the required quality in each stepto think ahead of the expectations of our clients.

National and internationalpublic and private tender for the following achievements: 
1. Building Construction
a. Building General Construction / Building Renovation Works.
b. Electricity, plumbing and sanitary works.
c. Roofing and flooring.
d. Painting and sanitary, evacuation pipes lines work
e. Steel gates, doors and wooden doors, window 


2. Steel structures fabrication and installation 
3. Pre-engineering buildings 
4. Embankment works 
5. Road construction and rehabilitation 
6. Crushing plant 
7. Batching plant


  • Building Contruction
  • Steel structures and installations
  • Pre-engineering buildings
  • Embankment works
  • Road Constructions and rehabilitation
  • Crushing plant
  • Batchin plant


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