About Ragueb Travel Agency

Ragueb Travel Agency created in 1980 approved by IATA and ATAF has become since a reliable incoming agency for numerous tour operators such as Air France, Ethiopian Airlines, Yemenia Airways, Dalllo Airlines, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, Kenyan Airways and FlyDubai.

Our Priorities have always been focused on a wide choice of our employees as well as on the experience of our services all over the territory .This dynamic team is able to design any kind of tourist and Professionnal Stay in Djibouti and all over the world. 

Our benefits :

Thes communicationin different languages : French/ English/ Arabic/ Afar/ Somali Small and independant agency

Our Values :

Quality, Efficiency, Creativity, Transparency, Availability


  • Quality
  • Efficiancy
  • Creativity



Verified Listing
Opening Hours
Monday :  8 AM-1 PM|3 PM-7 PM
Tuesday :  8 AM-1 PM|3 PM-7 PM
Wednesday :  8 AM-1 PM|3 PM-7 PM
Thursday : 8 AM-1 PM|-7 PM
Friday : Closed
Saturday : 8 AM-1 PM|3 PM-7 PM
Sunday :  8 AM-1 PM|3 PM-7 PM