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Melting Pot Restaurant  Djibouti

 Welcome to the Melting Pot Restaurant, Djibouti’s best fusion restaurant.

 Whether you’re a fan of sushi, a devotee of seafood, looking for a good steak or somebody who seeks out the best local cuisine, Melting Pot has something that’s bound to please.  Set in a beautiful fountained landscape, our restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining areas and an outdoor bar so you can enjoy a drink in the garden whilst browsing our menu which contains a range of Japanese, French and Djiboutian dishes.

 Lonely Planet tips Djibouti to be one of the top travel destinations in 2018and we’re ready to help travelers experience our country at its best. Not only do we offer some of the best international cuisine, but our local specialities such as camel and beef are sourced from Somalia, known for its excellent quality livestock. Our camel meat is renowned for its quality and is a ‘don’t miss’ experience if you’re travelling in Djibouti.


  • Sea food
  • Japnese food
  • French cuisine
  • Local food



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