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A Family Group

Marill Group is a family, versatile and independent Group based in Djibouti since 1896. At its creation by Paul Marill , the Marill&Garrigue Cie, based in both Harar and Djibouti, trade with Ethiopia (leather , coffee) and then in 1912 specializes in the trade of pure pearl industry button. The trochus success symbol became the emblem of Marill Establishments .

After the Second World War, driven by André Marill , the Marill Establishments embark luggage and officials in the transport of goods in general. Over the years, establishments Marill has diversified by investing in new businesses such as distribution and leasing of vehicles , insurance , information technology or real estate. Strengthen by a century of experience, Marill Group currently headed by Luc and Thierry Marill has retained the spirit of bold entrepreneur founder Paul Marill , as evidenced by the recent development of a regional group.


  • Two showrooms TOYOTA & RENAULT
  • Djibouti Free Zone storage: a large range of vehicules immediatly available
  • After sales services: the only one in Djibouti



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